8 01 2009

Players can now open clams while riding a vehicle, sitting, mounted, stealthed, and invisible.

I just read the 3.0.8 patch notes. And frankly, I’m outraged. After the buff to clams announced by Ghostcrawler in September, did Clams really need more help? Seriously, wtf, do Blizzard even play their own damn game? What about the rest of the items, who watch as buff after buff gets piled on Clams? FFS, we may as well quit now.

After the players’ outrage for the previous Clam buffs (as seen in this thread), it’s clear that we’re just not getting listened to.

I’m really beginning to wonder why I even bother playing this game. I’ll leave you with some quotes from other concerned players, I’m really just too furious to even think about it anymore.

this is a huge nerf to murlocks and naga.

now they only zerg you with numbers instead of numbers and loot.

Ok, that’s it. I’m cancelling my subscription and going to Clamhammer, where they don’t have this stacking clam bullcrap.
That’s a -real- PvC game, Blizz!

Petition: Blizzard, please give us a non-clam stacking realm, WoW pre-clam stacking was nice and fun.

This isn’t fair at all. We had to deal with non-stackable clams for years and now the newbies get their easy mode bag space.

you actually have a point here….wtf blue?? i want some compensation for the time it took me to cook/head back to town to clear my bag space!!


I can just see it now! Clams will dominate all servers…
WTF is this? World of ClamCraft?
It’s just not fair….
Pre-Clam days you had to get keyed to open a clam.. now everyone can do it. My sense of accomplishment is now ruined! GG Bliz!

Clams stacking is ridiculous. If they just removed clams and the enemies dropped whatever was inside the clam it would make more sense. Why should a player have to waste their time opening clam after clam after clam? How many clams are we going to have to open before blizzard realizing that opening clams is a broken mechanic that just isn’t fun? IMHO opening clams should give you weapon skill.

Like seriously, wtf happens when someone transfer from a PvE server to a PvP server with a whole stack of clams? Do they autowin the server?

All you elitest whiners are over-reacting. Clam stacking was rediculous and I for one am glad that casuals can now experince end game clam related content without having to sacrifice their lives to make enough bag space.
QQ more basement dwellers.

Have you ever tried to stack clams IRL? They’re kinda round and don’t stack well. Seeing a stack of clams in game will destroy all immersion. It pushes the fantasy genre too far.

What I propose is a cooldown of sorts added to opening clams, to offset this change. When a player opens a clam, she receives a 2 minute debuff that prevents her from opening another clam until it fades. Call it Dirty Job or something. This may seem harsh to some, but it’s good for the game as whole.



12 responses

8 01 2009

That was awesome. XD

9 01 2009

tehehehehe, nurf clams!!!

9 01 2009
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9 01 2009
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10 01 2009

This. Is. An. Outrage!

A. Slap. In. The face!


10 01 2009

ROFL. Clams suck.

10 01 2009

IMHO opening clams should give you weapon skill.

Clam Opening Skill?

PS Do you have any idea how long it me to figure out that there was actually stuff *in* the clams?

10 01 2009

Hehehe… that’s great stuff. :) The clams are conspiring against us!

13 01 2009

I have to stop reading things in work, people look at me strange when I laugh so much.

17 01 2009

This is more proof that Blizzard is ruining the game in order to make Arena an e-sport. I’ll be cancelling my account now.

21 01 2009
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23 01 2009
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